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Probably I was raised quite well. I have a good family. I learned other naughtish things in the street. So, yeah that’s why I just left the courts, for dumb choices, but I was raised really well. I’ve just made bad choices.

I’d say, my parents because they taught me what was right from wrong, or what was actually right, even though I do things wrong a lot. Yeah, I’m blessed with my family. My life’s probably not the greatest at the moment, but I can do things to make it better. I start work next week, which is cool, and yeah, just stay focused on what I have to do to get ahead. Don’t use drugs. Stay away from P, and head to school and the people that you think are cool aren’t really cool. Your family is. Yeah, look after your family. That’s what’s important.

I love my neighbourhood. I’d say the coolest thing about being raised around here would be the diversity, and the mixture of people, so you get a taste of everything. That’s, that’s what I’d say is probably the coolest thing about South Auckland, anyway.

I was born in National Women’s Hospital. My mother’s Dutch European, my father’s Māori. I was raised in Māngere, and then we moved to Papatoetoe.”

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