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Probably starting a new job, actually connecting with a new employer, or what is now my boss, I think. It was a great experience, actually.

Probably obviously first time would be the first interview, and then sort of work through the process from there, but what was memorable about it would be just the first connection I guess or the first positive relationship I was able to build. You know, really friendly and definitely started off on a more personal note than a professional, and broke down a few barriers, and then it was easier to sort of relate from there.

Yeah, it’s always important that you make connections with people. I mean without people the world doesn’t go round and, and people make life a hell of a lot sort of better and more fun and, and make things happen for you. For me, it’s all about relationships, whether that be at work or in personal life, and yeah it’s the most important thing in the world.

I think social media has definitely got a part to play in society, but nothing can ever beat that face-to-face contact, or face-to-face experience you can have with someone, particularly if it is for the first time. It builds credibility and puts a face behind the name, a personality to the email address or whatever it might be. I think it is getting a lot harder with the ease of being able to create these fake images, or fake personas or profiles, I guess, behind what are social media profiles. As I said, nothing can ever beat that face-to-face contact, or that realism, I guess.

I think it’s really important to connect with those outside of your normality or I guess your bubble or your sphere, whether that be culture or ages or, even from different places around New Zealand or here in Auckland. It helps you become more well rounded as a person, and look at the world in different ways. I think something that New Zealand does really well is harbour its own culture, and I think that comes from the fact that there are so many different, ethnicities and people here. We get exposure a lot more to what other people have the opportunity to do around the world and it’s something beautiful about the place.

I grew up in the North-west of Auckland, just past Kumeu, which is now sort of home to a lot of vineyards and wine country, and there’s a lot of development going on out there; it wasn’t like that when I was growing up. It’s definitely changed a lot. I’ve moved away a couple of times, whether that be travelling or for study, but I truly do love the place. What I value in life, I spend a lot of time with my family and my friends. Somebody talks to the topic here of connectivity, I’ve spent a lot of time sort of fostering relationships and harbouring those strong connections with those close to me. I’m just a real sporty and outdoors person, really passionate about what I do in my spare time and what I do at work.”

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