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“That’s a very interesting question. It’s a life question. I guess from my point of view, I would say people are always seeking good relationships and connection, and people are always trying to find people who value them.

So I would say that in general if you are alone, sometimes it can be by choice or because you’re not able to find people who show the same passion as you. So from my point of view, to be able to find connection is the good starting point would be to make a list of things you love, things you like, and then try and find people who share the same passion, whether that’s in your community or whether it’s online, whether it’s in public areas. Just find things you like and then find who share the same likes and passions. I think that’d be the only way to make many cool connections. It would be good to be in a relationship that you find meaningful to you, yeah.

I’ve been in Auckland for about 18 years. So this is my home. I would say I’m a spiritual person, and the question I ask myself are how to be at their best, and that can include a lot of things. It can include the way you look at life itself can help you become a better person. People you surround yourself with, can help you become a better person or can hinder you or limit you. I would say what I value is to be in a place where they feel they are surrounded by people who bring the best in themselves. I think that’s what I aim for and that’s what I wish for everyone. Yeah, because to feel valued is the best thing that a person can have and to value other people as well, because it’s always good to feel valued as well as to be in a position to value other people. So that’s how I see life itself.

I personally like a lot of things. I like reading. I like architecture, and I like spirituality. So one thing I’ve done, I often just find people who like spirituality as well, and then we talk about it. We talk about different religions and the way they look at life and the difference between them and we talk about like, what people call self-help, like how to have a positive attitude towards life. So that’s one of the things that I like, and I normally find, whether it’s at university or in clubs. I normally find people who have shared the same way of looking at life. I also like gadgets, like robotics. So, one thing I’ve done is to find people who share the same passion and then I go to university clubs and I meet people like that. So that’s one way I’ve done it.”

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