William | Ōtara

Just last night. Oh, well, no-one was home with me, and I was meant to go with my mum, but they didn’t let me go.

So that’s why I was stressed out. They, they were going up here to Manukau. It stressed me out because I couldn’t go. No-one was listening to me. I felt stressed because no-one was home, they left me home by myself.

I like to play rugby, rugby league. That’s what I value the most.

I just think about rugby, rugby league, just touching the ball. It’s got a soft touch to it. It feels like it takes the stress away. It’s just a good sport.

Rugby league doesn’t help me get stressed, because it’s a good life sport. I’ve played ever since I was five years old. Play every year for a certain club.

I just want to make money from it. It’s good, so you should be good with it. If it’s a good sport, then you must be good with it. In the future I want to play for the Warriors. I’ll feel like a billionaire.

Sport, rugby league sport helps me be good, because it’s a good sport.



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