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“I was born at Middlemore Hospital, raised in Manurewa. My upbringing wasn’t that good… seen a lot of violence, but hey still alive, I guess.

What do I value? My kids. I’m a stay home mum, look after my kids. I’m only 21, I’ve got two kids, their fathers are not here to help me, so I’m doing it on my own. I just wouldn’t like anything to happen to them. As I was growing up, violence and everything, I wouldn’t want my kids to see that. So, have a better life I guess. To see my mum get a hiding… day in, day out, night, day, next day, next day, just running, yeah wasn’t a good upbringing, but it makes me stronger, I guess. It makes me who I am today.

Last time I felt thankful, I haven’t even felt thankful lately, to be honest. Grateful I’ve still got my kids.

I’ve seen a lot of these people around here, so set yourself free, say no to P. That’s what’s bringing our community down. I see as I’m walking around Manurewa, a lot of kids, synthetics, everything, it’s not good. Try send a positive message out to all the little kids, you know, all the young people; there’s more than window washing. Go to school, get a education. You know? You’ll say now school’s dumb, nah nah, but when you grow up you’ll go, I wish I went to school, because that’s what I said.”

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