Tony | Half Moon Bay

“I’ve got my parents in Auckland, and I’ve got my wife and daughter of 11 years old. [My role] is to make money and to make the family happy, and yeah communication with the wife and kids. I always do homework with her. I think play is an important part of communication.

I am Chinese and I’ve been here since 1997, and then got a job here, got a family here, and yeah just grow up with society in New Zealand. What’s important to me is my family. Everybody’s happiness is important to me, and my family. I think that’s the way; to ensure my family is happy. My parents are too old now, I just make sure they are housed, because they are 80-something. For my family, I just make sure my daughter studies here, and everyday life is good my wife with no arguing. I think that’s the important thing. Normally if we argue, we just try to find out what is the right way to sort it out.”

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