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“I find at the moment because I’m just too busy with her. I just miss being with friends, doing things with friends.

It is, yeah it’s great, and I was excited, when I found out her mum was pregnant. It was great to know I was going to be a dad. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays she goes to kindy, and then on Fridays she comes to the kindy gymnastics here, and then on Mondays we just do things, and then the weekends we, sometimes we go out.

I just try to make friends with the children’s parents at her kindy. I found that I sort of stopped doing as many silly things as I used to – I used to party, drink heaps, but now because I’ve got her I know it’s better to be appropriate. Just make friends like that, like activities that are for kids and that, and at their kindy or schools. Since I’ve had care for her, it’s more about her, and then it’s like, I haven’t found time just to find friends that has kids around her age. Some of the friends I used to know, they’ve moved away, or they’re not really appropriate to hang around with. So I’ve got to find more appropriate friends.”

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