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“Oh okay, wow, like major fun? I’m just trying to think. When was the last time I had fun? I don’t know. Every day something could be fun really, can’t it?

I often have fun when I’m biking home from work, and going through One Tree Hill park, and I’ve got to go past all the sheep, and then I get to see all the birds, and yesterday I saw a photographer taking photos of the shadows from the trees in the park, and so I started watching that with the sunlight as well, and then flying down the hill, down Onehunga Mall Road; that’s fun. That was the last time I had fun, which was yesterday!

I think if someone’s going through something, and you distract them often it’s by changing what they’re doing, and that could be something as simple as going onto a trampoline in a friend’s backyard. That’s fun. You know, just going for a walk, going for a swim, just changing the scenery that you’re in; that’s usually fun as well. It can change someone’s mindset pretty well. That’s about it, really.

Life’s too short not to have fun. We live this life once, and that’s it, so you can’t take anything too seriously, that’s for sure.

You can probably tell by my accent that I’ve grown up mostly in Australia. I did live in Japan for a couple of years, and I certainly had lots of fun there, and in terms of a motto for life it changes constantly. I think that you’ve just got to progress, that nothing ever stays the same. Everything is going to change, and that’s it.”

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