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“I don’t really recall a time where I felt lonely because I have my husband and three kids, and I have various groups that I’m part of.

So I have a church family, and a ladies group, but I think you can become lonely if you isolate yourself. I’ve had various friends and family come to me with that issue, and for myself, I just make myself available, and just not talk, and let them do the talking, and just offer support the best way that I can.

I was born in Samoa. I came here when I was about four years old, and I’ve never been back. So, New Zealand is my home. I’m a Christian, and my relationship with God is number one, and so it’s my relationship with God, and then my husband, my kids, and the rest of family and friends. The ladies group that I mentioned earlier is a group that’s part of our church, which is the Salvation Army here at Westgate, and so it’s just open to ladies under fifty years of age, and so we just come together and every week, we do various things, like we either go out for coffee or go out for a movie, and then we also do Bible study. It’s also like a family too, because if we’re going through hard times we would text or message each other on Messenger and just make each other aware of what we’re going through, and then yeah we come together to pray or to meet up for coffee. So it’s one of the groups that I’m in, and so I don’t ever feel lonely, unless I have a problem and I want to keep myself away from everyone else.”

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