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So, are we talking full-on angry, or are we talking just general anger, because I’ve got four kids. They make me angry all the time. So which, in what context are we talking about angry?

Don’t have four children! I don’t know. I just think times are different now, you know, kids are expecting more without giving as much as we used to. So, probably selfishness makes me angry, and the kids’ selfishness can make me very angry. Fortunately, we’ve got a very big property and we can all go into different areas, and just settle down.

Yeah, it’s probably the easiest way to put it. I’m extremely patient, so I don’t get really fired up. So, when I say angry, it’s very minor, but most of the time I’m, you know, if they make me really angry, they get a time-out. They go their rooms. I go somewhere else, read, watch TV, eat chocolate. So, yeah angry’s not a very good one for me.

Yeah, look I get angry. I don’t have full-on anger. I mean I’m, like I said, I’m pretty calm most of the time, pretty collected. So, full-on anger; I get extremely angry when I am out, believe it or not, locally and I see things like racism, prejudice. I don’t like that. Bigotry; I sort of react badly and I’m more likely to say something. So, that would tend to make me angry more than anything else, and it happens a lot around here.

Happiness; value happiness. Selflessness. I don’t know. Just trying to enjoy life without taking life for granted. I have been around Pakuranga for over 20 years, so sort of say I grew up here, yeah. Used to work in sales. Used to do admin. Used to do a whole lot of things. Now I’m just enjoying being a stay at home mum as it were, and I’ve never had that in 20-odd years. So, yeah I’m really enjoying it.

Grow up, try your best, give it a go, you know, and dreams can come true. It’s probably, that’s what I tell my kids.”

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