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“My name is Tania. I’ve got two children and I live in Mt Wellington. I feel good about myself and I love what I’m doing at the moment, looking after children and they’re really good children, and the teacher who’s taking the class.

I need a little bit of help myself. I’ve been through lots and, and I’m going through lots at the moment, trying to get my daughter back. I just found out today I’ve got no court this Friday. I’m still proud of myself. I’m going to get her back, soon because I’m a very good mum and God loves us, too. I didn’t have a good bring-up, because I’ve been adopted out, with a foster family, and I haven’t seen my real family much, because my real mother just passed on with cancer, yes. I’ve only seen my mother when I was young when I was 14.

I am coping well, now yes. I am coping. I’ve got my step-mother helping me, and the disability action group. They’re supporting me with what I’m going through because I’ve got a head injury. I’ve been hurt when I had boarders living with me and they bottled me on the head. I don’t trust people near me, now. I just trust good people near me, like God and good people around me. 

I’ve got a special needs daughter and I’m a very good mother, because what’s been going through with myself, and that, because I’ve got the disability action group helping to guide me, and to help me, because I shouldn’t be going through this, what I’ve been through, because I went really crazy with what these people have done to me, and CYPS supported me really good. They said I was a very good mum. It’s just these people just came into my house and started making trouble for me when I was a very good mum.

My future is to try to get my daughter back in my life. She’s 19 now. I haven’t been in trouble with the law. I haven’t had a Police record in my life, and I’ve been ringing the tribunal for guidance. The neighbour next door came my way, with Housing New Zealand because, because the next-door neighbour hurt my daughter, hit my daughter ages ago, and I put it into the law a long time ago. I’m a clean person, I’ve got a spotless home, I keep it really tidy. It’s just I have been through lots. That’s all I’m worried about, is myself. What I’ve been through because I came a long way. I have never had a mental illness, full stop. It’s just I used to cut myself a lot, but now I’m okay because I came a very long way.

I just wanted to let you fellas know my future. What I do with the children here, they really love me here, I work really hard with the children, the little babies. I volunteer on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday, and I really love the job.”

**If you or someone you know needs help, you can call or text 1737 anytime to speak with, or text with, a trained counsellor for free**

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