Shankar | New Lynn

“Just last week we had some good Easter celebrations, in fact and I was at my friend’s home. Really enjoyed some barbeque and some beers.

I truly was brought up in Fiji, from Nandi. I’ve been here in New Zealand almost a decade, and I guess New Zealand has brought about a change in my life like, what we find here, we may not have been that fortunate in Fiji. Actually people are very humble here, polite and then I think it’s worth the hard work that we do.

I’m a trades person, an electrician, and I enjoy working here, too. Well, I think it’s more fun because it’s the responsibility that we enjoy, here is more than what we used to have. I’m not trying to put a comparison between Fiji and Auckland, but what I’m saying is that people here are like more responsible towards drinking and stuff. We drink as we feel that we are still enjoying, not to drink to the point that we are not sober anymore, and perhaps also beers and probably spirits are relatively cheap, so it would enjoy it to the fullest actually.

What I feel is that, whilst we do our recreation, whilst we do our work that we’re supposed to do to get in bread and butter for our family, fun goes hand in hand. Unless and until we enjoy what we do, I don’t think that we’d want to do anything. The amount of hard work that we do, and if there’s no fun after that, it’s no fun at all.”

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