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I came here to study, but that means I came here alone, and I’m really missing my parents, and my friends, and that is the hardest thing I’ve ever felt.

I have to deal with every circumstance, and my relationships on my own, and that’s my hardest thing. So, I felt stressed a lot.  

I try to deal with my stress by exercising, or playing with my friends that I met here, and they helped me a lot. I used to go to meetups, and also I met my friends while I was studying in language academy.

I’m very enthusiastic when I’m doing something, I try to feel, oh I can do this. I’m always coping with everything well. I think the most important thing is obviously happiness. I like happiness, and I’m still finding happiness for my life. The first thing is finding my happiness, and also I want to give happiness to others, and I want to help people who are suffering. Yeah, I want life, very happy, full of happiness, and peaceful.

When I was with my parents, my parents helped me, helped me to do my laundry, or make me some delicious foods. I’m here alone, so I have to do my laundry, and clean my house, and also I had to find my flat to live in, and everything I have to do is kind of adult things.

My parents thought, oh I’m really proud of you, because we were worried about you so much, but you are doing well. In my mind it was kind of a hard thing, but on the other side, I felt pride in myself.

I was typical student, as a Korean, and so my middle school, and high school, school life was all related to study. I used to spend more than 10 hours a day studying, so I’m kind of used to that life. When I came here, some days I just played, but at that time I also felt, oh I have to study, I have to study, and that makes me nervous. But without that study life, I also have a very good family, and so what I can say, my life is kind of a typical life, compared to others.

I heard that this country is safe, and also I heard when people came here, we can feel peaceful, because of their nature. Yeah, that’s the reason why I chose this country.



Check out these resources from the Mental Health Foundation:  Stress and how to Handle it and the Five ways to Wellbeing.  Need to talk to someone? Free text or call 1737 anytime.  

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