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I’d have to say maybe a week ago. It was at home and we just moved into our new place, new house. So, can imagine there’s a little bit of stress there with having to move place, and I’ve got a couple of young kids, my boy Kia who’s 14 and a daughter Mali who is 10.

So, we were moving stuff in the house and you know, the kids were just not really listening. I don’t know if I got too angry, but I just, I kind of lost a little bit of control and started to, you know, because they weren’t listening to instructions, and I started yelling at my son, just to get him to listen and to come and help out. So, I guess that’s, that’s anger, yeah but not to the point where it’s, I guess threatening to him, but he knew that I was serious. So, he had to get his butt down there and start helping. Yeah, that’s probably my most recent.

Well, I kind of applied what I apply when I work with the clients at work. So I used to sort of, I thought about it. I reflected back on what I was saying and how, and how it sort of came out, and for a second there I thought, oh well maybe I was a little bit too harsh. So yeah, I think I just reflected and realised, you know, that maybe it was a little bit too harsh and apologised to my son later on about the voice-raising and stuff.

I guess anger, you know, personally it takes a lot for me to get angry. When I think about it, anger is an emotion that I think we as people have control over, and if we can, sort of think about what you’re really angry about, maybe we wouldn’t get to that point.

Okay, so I was born and raised in West Auckland, Henderson and brought up in a sort of a religious background. Mum and Dad have always been church-goers, so I’ve learned a lot of my values through my parents and my upbringing. I think church and culture is a big part of that. What I value most in life is, being the best, being a good person. That entails, you know, who I come in contact with, you know, treat people with respect. That’s probably my biggest value, is to respect others.”

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