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“Hi, my name is Ruth and I’m from Māngere, Auckland, New Zealand. Beyoncé Knowles. The only reason why is she’s a very hard worker, and she helps people by giving money to the charity, just to help people like us out, and that’s how I want to be. Beyoncé Knowles.

Because I can talk to her about what I’m going through, you know, and she’ll understand. She’s not a judgemental person, and I’ve like read on her background, and I like the way that she gives out to charity, helping people out. I’ve signed up with Greenpeace, to help the animals. So yeah, that’s the person I want to sit down and have lunch with. 

I was brought up in Māngere. I’ve been through times in my life where it’s been a struggle, but I’ve learned to overcome them by bringing up myself. Because I’ve been through an abusive relationship with my family, I’ve brought myself up, and I’ve had a hard life because I’ve got three boys, and they’re not with me. I’ve kind of managed to do myself step by step, as I was growing up, and I’ve come out of an abusive relationship with my family. So, I’ve grown up heaps, and life is hard, but I’m out there trying to help other people, because I’ve experienced it, and I’m trying to teach people that there is help out there somewhere. We just don’t ask for it. So, that’s my point of view, and that’s what I’ve been brought up to. 

It’s my children. They matter the most to me. I want them to have the best life that I never had, and to give them my all. That’s my goals in life, is to maintain a wealthy job, is to have a stable environment, and to get my kids back. That’s my job in life.”

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