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“Russ and Onehunga. The piano man that plays inside the library. Beautiful. Gave me a boost. He talks about the Lord, and stuff like that, but I’m not too much into that, but then he kind of gets me into it, and then you just end up listening to it. But when he plays the piano, it makes it cool as. So, it makes it worth listening too, you know?  

All the time, yeah. He’s an Asian man. His name’s Tony, and he’s the man on the piano. He cheers everyone up in the library, and cheers everyone up that comes to Onehunga, to the library, and it’s beautiful. He’s my man. Tony.

I grew up in Onehunga. What’s important to me is when it’s a windy day, pick up the rubbish bins, put the rubbish bin in there, push it to the side. You know? Keeping it clean, man. Because, you know a lot of island people around Onehunga, we all eat the fish. Everyone eats fish around the world. What’s important to me? Pick up the plastic. Pick up the crap on the road. Don’t just walk past it. That’s what is important to me, is pick up the crap, chuck it in the bin. If you see a bin on the ground, pick it up, put all the rubbish back in. I know it’s yuck on your hands but hey, only costs like $3 for a sanitiser. I carry one. 

I’m currently homeless, as of like two days ago. It’s not the first time. Grew up around Auckland, Onehunga, Whangamatā. I’m on a mission right now. Try and get some help. Always be kind, which is my downfall, because like, if I’m on my last dollar, and I see them down there, I’ll give them my last dollar, but it doesn’t matter. Always be kind, and generous, and just respectful and just show love to everybody and anyone. Even if they give you a hard time. I’m not a Christian, but I still believe in those ways. And that bro from the piano, he just like, hammered it into me, but I already knew that anyway, but yeah, just be kind, even if someone is not kind to you. Just do it anyway. That’s all I can say.”

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