Rory – South Auckland

“The last meal I shared was with the transporter for my nephew. We just had sandwiches and cups of tea. My nephew’s in CYFS.

My brothers just had his first boy, and CYFS came in and took his baby, which is pretty sad, eh? I feel for him, that he’s going through these struggles.

He’s been strong in losing his first child. He’s got another one coming, though. He’s a worker. He’s a hard working quarry worker. He works on the bulldozers in Mt Roskill. I’ve just got to look after his house and make sure it’s clean, he’s got dinner and just go through CYFS. It’s not a good situation to be in. I left my sister and she’s got three kids, and now she’s struggling, because I’m usually helping her out, but I’ve got to come out here.

She’s got three kids. I’m unemployed – no benefit yet. I’m just coming up town to go to the library, and I’m on the computer for hours and then go back home after that. I haven’t had a fulltime job. It’s always casual work. I haven’t had much work for five years now, since I had ulcers in my leg. I’ve been in and out of hospital because of my leg; ulcer operations.

I just like to help my family out, because they help me out a lot. They help me a lot. I’ve just got to pay back. I don’t know. We always help one another. If she’s struggling, we go up there and give her $40 or something, and get her some meat packs for her and the kids. We did that last week, because we went over on Saturday and she was struggling. Me and my brother went over and gave her some food money, and came back out here – just always helping one another. It’s choice.”


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