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“Family, friends who will stick by your side, you know who’s got your back, and church, that’s important to me.

At the start I was growing up with one parent. It’s just me and Mum at home, so I just have to be the man of the house sometimes, or every day, you know, try be there for her. Ended up getting through it with the help of family, a lot of family members and friends who have your back. Also the Lord, keep praying. You’ll eventually pull through.

I’ve got a son, two years old. It was hard at the start, but you know, you get the hang of it later on. You get used to it and then if you bring them up the right way, you won’t have any problems. Stick to a routine. I’m thankful every day for the life that the Lord has given me, and family, friends.

My boss was renovating my cousin’s place, and I was doing bricklaying before construction, and he just asked if I wanted to jump onboard. I’m thankful for him, he saw something in me, to ask if I wanted to jump onboard. He’s helping me, just trying to push, not only me, but everyone in the team, to get up there, and progress through life.

It’s been two years now, going good, getting my apprenticeship. It feels good to help provide for my family. I don’t know what I’d do without family. Family is real important. Can’t really describe how much, how important they are either, but just know that family will be there if you reach out to them.

To own a business maybe, family business, help out the family, when they’re fresh out of school and can jump on board if they have the potential.”

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