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“Well I like gaming. I’m an avid gamer. My rank is grand master on my game I play.

I’m proud of it, because it took a lot of work to get there, and I finally got there, and every day I’m on it, I get better and better. Just got too much time on my hands.

All different, every game I play, all the sequences are just endless. They, they shouldn’t really call it eight. It should be really called infinity ball, because it’s just all endless sequences. It’s just ongoing, you’re always going to learn something new on it, and that’s just good for my mind work, my mindset, helps me function.

I play a number of games, but one game I like the most would probably ah, good old eight, and 9-ball and UK Pool. Miniclip. You’ve got Miniclip, will have to be the biggest one on social media. It’s not every day, like how’s your day going? It’s more or less like obscenities and stuff like that. Insults, but it’s fun. It’s harmless fun.

I grew up in the suburb, the Auckland suburb of Wesley, and I’ve been travelling around a bit, all over the North Island, South Island, went to Australia. I got to homesick in the end, and decided to come back home, because the food tastes better here. I gave up a great job to, just to come back home, because I got homesick.

I had everything made for me over there, and I just threw it all away, because the urge to come back home was too great. Yeah I came back home and things had changed, and I had severed all ties of family. I had a big fall out, and I was homeless for a couple of years, and then through the Auckland City Mission I was able, they were able to house me. I’ve been there ever since, for now.

It’s a struggle, too because a part of me likes being outside, and the other part of me likes being indoors, too. It’s just a war every day I have with myself, and I just go for long walks so I can get some fresh air, and get out and about for awhile, because it does my head when I’m inside. I get claustrophobic.

I never lived on the streets. I was always living in a tent in the park. I miss all the people that I met when I was doing my time out there, too. I met some great people. I’ll never forget them.”

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