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I felt really stressed about trying to find a new home, because I’m trying to move to Auckland City, and it was a bit stressful because I was waiting three weeks, and I was filling out all these applications, and nothing came back to me.

It was really stressful for me. I have managed to find a place now, and I’m going to be moving into a nice apartment in Auckland City on the 10th July. Yeah, so that should be good.

To be honest, when I feel stressed, stresses in my life, to manage it, this is a honest opinion from me, I pray to God. Not many other people do that, but I feel that’s a satisfying way to heal my stress. It just helps out, and sometimes to manage stress, sometimes I just take a second and, and just hold up from everything that’s going on, and just take a big breath and then it helps me as well.

The things that I most value most is most probably my family. One of the other things that I most value is God. He’s helped me out so much in my life, and it’s really awesome.

Growing up as a child, I grew up in this place called Whanganui. So, I grew up in sort of a home where there was broken families and a lot of violence, and gangs, and alcohol, and all that type of stuff.

I moved from Whanganui to Auckland when I was 16. So when I was 16 I got introduced to Auckland, and it was a  whole, totally different lifestyle for me. While I was in Auckland I found out that there’s a lot of jobs, and a lot of potential for me, and to start working in my new career.

I met some of my friends, and I got misled in the wrong direction, so I got misled in the gangs, the drugs, and all the criminal activities that, that we did. When I was 17 I went to prison. It helped me to, to learn that the things that I was doing was not right. It has helped me to become a better man, now.

My hopes for the future is to be a happy man in life, and to see the homeless homed, because there’s a lot of  homelessness, and a lot of all of that in Auckland City. I just want to help out where it is needed.”



Check out these resources from the Mental Health Foundation:  Stress and how to Handle it and the Five ways to Wellbeing.  Need to talk to someone? Free text or call 1737 anytime.  

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