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What I like is me and my dad, my sister, my siblings go fishing when we were little.

We go on a canoe, back home. We go fishing, and then we come back and then we light the lamp, and then go fishing again on the reef. That’s, that’s the amazing thing that I like when I was little.

When I was brought up, Mum and Dad really brought us up. She, they really look after us. They make sure there’s food on the table. They make sure we go to school. We learn something. There’s heaps, but I don’t know how to explain it. We were brought up the right way, I think. That’s why we are here. We were born in the Cook Islands, the capital of the Cook Island is Rarotonga. That’s amazing the way they brought us up. Everything is fair to them. There’s no, there’s no sides. They treat us the same from the first to the last. That’s it.

When I had my daughter, I treat her the same way my parents treat us. We discipline, we love, and we look after them like how our parents look after us. We treat, we teach them the right way and the wrong way. My daughter got her children, and she treated her children the same as I taught her, and the children is grown up, and they’ve got the life of their own, and yeah, it’s amazing. I think that’s it.”

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