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“I think the last time I would have felt inspired was going for a walk in the Waitakere’s and looking out over the Manukau Harbour and just enjoying that whole – the wonder of that massive view and just going, wow I live here.

I was actually born in Auckland, but I grew up in a place called Loose in England, and both my parents were English. They met and married here and then took me home when I was, I don’t know, three months or something, and then we decided as a family to move back here when I was about 10, which was 40-something years ago. I lived here ever since then, been an Aucklander for 45 years, lived in Papatoetoe for quite a long time. That’s where we were sort of based when we arrived here, and then five years ago, six years ago moved out to Glen Eden.

Oh absolutely, I’m very much into the whole meditation, ecological sort of thing. I spend probably about two hours a day meditating, and as an example; I was just walking down from the car park over there, and just going, wow look at this. Suddenly you’re surrounded by bush, and straight away makes you just feel that, clicking into that bigger picture, nature, your body just relaxes, everything drops. All the worries of the day, if there are any, just drop off, and it’s great, you know, and again I live here, so aren’t I lucky? 

I would have started the meditation sort of journey in that whole, because that sort of led me to get right into the whole nature, oh God in my 20s and basically a friend of mine went and did a transcendental meditation class and just gave me a voucher and said, you should try this. And so I did, and it just started that journey I guess. I wouldn’t say that since then I’ve always meditated, but I have always come back to it, and then probably, I don’t know, maybe 10 years ago just slid into that doing it every day, and just realising that you can pretty much be in a meditative state all the time, if you want to be.”

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