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Last week on Friday, so, I’m a true believer of Christ. I’m an evangelist, and I evangelise on Queen Street every Friday evening.

So, last week on Friday, and I’m trying to touch as many people as I can, by us bringing the Good News of the Gospel.

I became a gang member when I was younger in my late teens, early 20s, and a lot of violence actually surrounded my life. A lot of drugs, a lot of alcohol, and when I came back to Jesus, I went and found Christ. I found Him through my family. My wife actually became a Christian, and she gave her life to Christ before me. I was still in the world, and so seeing her change, actually wanted me to change. So, God came through my wife, and I saw the great works that was actually working within her life. She wasn’t as angry as me. She was a bit more compassionate towards me, even though I was doing bad to her, and I wanted, I wanted what she had. Basically, what she had, I wanted it, and that’s how I came back to being a re-born Christian.

I was born in St Helen’s Hospital in Mt Albert, 1980. So, it’s a few years back, and I was raised in Māngere. Born and raised there. I come from quite a strict Christian family, Samoan family, and kind of fell away a little bit over the years. I came back and found God again, and I’ve been a Christian, re-born Christian since 2012. For me, being a Christian and everything, Jesus actually went around and actually spread the Gospel to those who weren’t saved, those who never heard the Good News that He actually came for, and it’s important to actually, for me, to be able to actually go out there and actually find people, strangers, and just show them the love that Jesus showed us. I find that really important because there are a lot of lost souls in Auckland, as well as abroad around the world, and I just find it really important to actually try to capture as many people as I can for my Lord Jesus Christ.”

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