Pat | Huapai

I know, climb the Sky Tower maybe.

I’d just like to climb up the steps and, like the firemen did, and just see how fit I am, maybe, and I’m a bit frightened of heights, but anyway, yeah. I think you should stay fit and eat well, and then you can maybe enjoy life better, rather than sitting around doing nothing.

Walk, I love walking. Yes mainly walking. I should do more than I do, but I, I love walking, and maybe down Muriwai Beach, walking along the sand.

Well I grew up in Taihape, and then I got, I married a guy in the Navy, and then lived in Devonport for a while, and then we lived in Mt Roskill, and then he died. I re-married, and then we went to live in Lynfield, and now we live in Huapai. Yes and what I value in life is, honesty and safe surroundings, and good people.”




What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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