Paola | Colombia & New Lynn

“I have been living here for the last three years and my experience of loneliness is I feel this, because it’s difficult to get a group of people to be around with them.

So for me, Auckland and even New Zealand is a difficult country and it’s our country that is so far from my country, and I find that people here are so closed, and I feel this sensation in many opportunities.

When I finish my job I go to the gym for around one or two hours, then meet with my flatmates and try and get a Latin environment. Sometimes cooking together or just to try to feel my family close.

I miss my family, because family are roots for me. I try to talk with them every day, and it’s obvious that I think about my family especially in winter season because I come from a tropical country, so most of the time is so warm, and when it’s winter here, I feel more lonely. When I left my country, I’m coming from Columbia, I was thinking to improve another language, and to get another experience, and for me it’s important to get international experience, working and living. This is important for me but I think in my opinion, one of the most important thing for me is to get a family here, or around the world, or wherever I am. This is important for me.”

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