Owen | Lives in a tent in the bush

“I love it. I love being lonely.

I love my own company actually, so at least I don’t get in trouble with myself, as long as I bring other people into my life, especially here in Auckland. Yeah trouble comes. So when you’re on your own, you don’t get in trouble. I was roofing down in Christchurch after the earthquakes and I’m on ACC, and it’s way too expensive to rent here in Auckland, the reason why I’m living in a tent. No bills. Makes life a little bit easier. That’s basically it.

Being positive – it’s a value that I wish for, and hope for. I’ve lived in Auckland most of my life, and Mt Maunganui, Christchurch. I went over to Europe for 12 years, lived there and travelled around quite a bit, experienced a lot going over to East Europe when they opened up the borders, and let the Western Europeans into the country. So that was quite a great experience to experience with people that have been through communist times.

I guess it’s more to do with free living. My parents just live around the corner, so I see them every so often. Well, basically every day. It’s just basically the free living is a positive thing for me, not having all the extra costs, and partly why I live the way I do. I do work in television. I’ll be the Monday coming working in Brokenwood Mysteries. So that, that’s exciting, and a bit of fun, and I get an extra wage there as well, so yeah. I think it was two weeks ago, in Shortland Street. I was having to be a homeless person with a broken toe in Shortland Street and the bizarre thing about it, two weeks before I actually was working in Shortland Street, I actually did break my toe on my mountain bike. So, yeah it was really weird how it all panned out, and I ended up being in Shortland Street. Yeah, so just I guess staying positive and just being happy each day is a good thing for me.”

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