Otto | Glendene, West Auckland

“When I did that last one [interview with the Auckland Humanity Project] I didn’t expect the amount of views and comments it got.

I was like, whoa. And then it kept going up, up and up, and then I get random people saying hello to me, and I’m trying to figure out who they are. I was surprised it made that kind of an impact. I’m surprised it got the kind of views it got. I’m surprised it got over 20,000 views, and I saw some of the comments. There was some good, some were very awesome. Some were okay, but some of those people who commented were people I knew from, from back in the day, and now I was like, wow. I was just grateful it made that much of an impact. Truth be told, I do not know. I was just like, surprised by it all. I’m still working at the same place.

My experience of loneliness sort of happened when I was a kid. You know? Not getting invited to this and that, but you know, I mean I’m a single person. I’m still a single person. I still feel that sense of loneliness, but I try not to let it bother me. I’m grateful – in a way I don’t feel lonely anymore, because I’ve got friends and family who care. The positive stuff I guess in my life, like movies and drawing and working and meeting people. I guess I just trying to remember all the good things you know, because I start thinking about the negative stuff and at your position you’ll feel that will start bringing you down and down and down, but if you keep thinking about the positive stuff in your life, and forget the past, you know then you’ll be okay. Always remember the positives.

I guess when I’m doing my job, I guess I don’t feel alone. I guess I see people every day, and you know, I get random people saying hello to me, and I’m trying to figure out who they are and, and it feels like I’m not alone after all, and I feel good about it.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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