Oscar | Epsom

I felt stressed at the start of the semester, studying law at Auckland University.

So of course there’s high entry requirements, and this was quite stressful. Not knowing how university actually is and what’s required of me, but also needing to do very well in that year.

To overcome this I concentrated a lot on studies to make sure that I would reach these goals. So that kind of took that pressure off, and also I made sure that I exercised well. This really did help relieve that stress every day.

I’m originally from out West. That gave me a good sense of community. So that’s something that’s really important to me. So, that’s community, friends, especially family, and just making sure that everyone around me is doing well.

I wanted to study law, as it’s a good avenue to actually help people around me, it’s something that interests me. It’s something that would give me a great sense of pleasure, but it’s also something that would get me into a position where I could help others, especially my family. To help my family. Of course law is quite a, a well-paying job, so the job is a way to buy your mother a house that she can retire in. That’s kind of the goal.



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