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“The last time I had fun; to be honest with you, I have fun every day.

The moment I wake up I’m with my family; my grandchildren, my son, my daughter, and to be able to do that and to share with them at a time when a lot of people are strained, and relationships between families are sort of stagnated and separate. The sort of fun I have is being able to communicate, interact and live and love my family. So your question, when was the last time I had fun; I have fun every day.

It’s in my nature to be a funny type person, I guess the biggest thing for me is bringing the fun out of my grandchildren, who are all adolescent teenagers, and as you know it’s pressing times for teenagers and they’re going through so many chemical and physical changes, that they can get introvert and possibly the relationship between mother, father and children at times is not one based on a whole lot of real sharing.

So, I try to emphasise fun by taking my grandchildren out with me every weekend, and just doing normal things like having fun at a pool, going to a park and keeping them away from multi-media a lot more, because that’s a big danger, to me. So fun as in enjoying our elements, enjoying our environments and just keeping them focussed on the natural part of being alive, and a lot more centred on what’s going on in multi-media, and everything that comes with it.”

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