Nichola | Glenfield

“I was born in Auckland, grew up on the North Shore. Haven’t really gone that far, well I’ve been around the world, but always come back. What’s important to me is people, and their happiness, their well being, helping them to find that and supporting them through the tough times.

I feel grateful when I think about my partner and just having him in my life. I also feel incredibly grateful for where I work and having such a supportive environment around me.

The reason that the thought came to mind is because he always accepts me for who I am, and supports me in what I want to do, and that’s not as common as it could be, I guess.

We have well-being support groups, health and support navigation, and basically just trying to ensure that people in the community have the tools and resources to support themselves towards well-being.

I care about them because I know from my own personal history that sometimes life can be difficult, and I don’t want anyone to have to face that alone. I want people to feel supported and loved and welcomed in their community, and I think that the only way that we can do that is to all stand up and hold out a hand to them, to everybody.”

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