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The events that happened on Friday just really shocked me and it’s just really made me, just being aware that people have different beliefs.

That person had an extremist view, and just really made me (realise) that there are people like him out there, but just felt really sorry, and really sorrowful really about the events, and just made me be aware to be more caring for other people, to be more tolerant of other beliefs, and just to love one another and be kind to people in our community.

I was brought up in Māngere, and I went to school centrally at Auckland Grammar, became a doctor, a GP, and working in the community in Māngere, and also here in Manurewa. So, I get to see all kinds of people coming through the clinic, and I guess just everyone from different walks of life, and just really glad that I can be of service to people, and just working in the same place that I was brought up in. So, yeah come from a Samoan family background and just mention that on Sunday was my first time in a mosque, going to, I guess support our local mosque in Ōtāhuhu, and just being next to those who have suffered, and mourning together as a community.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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