Morteza | Mt Roskill

“My name is Morteza. I’m from Iran, and I’m living in Mt Roskill. I really happy, but I miss my grandmum. She was like God for me in my life, but she passed away around 12 years.

This is not even possible, but if any chance or any power, first I would spend with her, and second one with Mum and Dad.

Because my grandmum give me the very, very good memory for my life, and just now. I compare with the past, and now there’s more opportunity to do everything, like medicine, equipment, everything, but that time, no more. If I can help now, very good for her, but unfortunately nothing. She just love that we were happy. She was very happy to doing everything for us. Nothing for self. Only us important for her. She give life, blood, everything for us, but we can’t do anything for her. 

I’m from Iran, I was born in Tehran, and grew up in Tehran, too. Big city, big population, and then a few years ago I come to New Zealand, and I live here. You know, in Muslim country, Muslim culture or Muslim religion, if a person dies, right after they go to heaven, to paradise, right?  This is for the Muslim culture and religion, but in my mind, after I come here, I think I don’t need to die to go to the paradise because paradise in culture or religion is like very far away, we can’t see, just talk about. But in New Zealand, I think my idea – don’t need to die. When you come to New Zealand, you can see the paradise. You can live in the heaven. This is my idea.”

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