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Don’t know. I feel like I get stuck into work so much that sometimes you know, you kind of don’t think about that sort of stuff. You’re always just kind of working and then, go home.

I’m the type of person who has a few close, personal friends. So, you know, I tend to focus on keeping close relationships with them, and you know, if I meet another person who’s great, but haven’t had the, I think opportunity the last sort of few months, because it’s just been so busy with work.

I think the last time I met a stranger that was probably on a date, which wasn’t so great. You know? You just enjoy it for what it is, and you know, nothing lost, nothing gained. It was online. I met the person online, and there weren’t, I think our values were very different, very different personalities as well. Went to a great restaurant. It was a really great feeling, but yeah it was really difficult. Normally I find it not too bad getting along with people with different personalities, but I found that quite a difficult date to sit through. Just seemed quite, bit rude, and yeah that wasn’t too great. Rude to the waiter, and a little bit condescending, and that’s not really nice.  That’s not a really nice feeling.

I think it (connection) reminds you to slow down in life sometimes and kind of think about the people around you, the sort of troubles they may be facing, and the different issues that are going on around you, that you might not be aware of if you’re stuck in your own sort of insular world, yeah.

I always find this is a really complicated question because my parents are from India, but I was born in Dubai, and I grew up there for a while before I moved here to New Zealand, and I moved to Whanganui. Love Whanganui! Then moved up to Auckland for work. In terms of what I value in life, I think it’s being kind, kindness to others. Caring for others, and my family and friends.

Yes, and no; I think technology is really great for connecting with new people, but I also think in some degrees, you know, doing it the old fashioned way of going out and doing stuff, and doing activities, I think I really miss that aspect, because there are things that you can’t get from technology that you can from a face-to-face, face-to-face interaction.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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