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As growing up as an Islander, I grew up in Tonga. Grew up eight years, then I came to New Zealand to find a better life, and I studied in New Zealand as a child, from nine all the way to now.

I’ve succeeded a lot of things when I was a child. I grew up hard. I mean, grew up in prison. I wasn’t a good kid. I didn’t really like school, because there were many ladies around. I only went to school to eat my lunch, and see my friends.

My mum and dad, they separated. My mum died, and it was hard for me to live, so I took it to the streets, and meet a lot of people. I took myself into church, and I found heaven, found God, and today I just really need families. I’m actually married to a very beautiful girl. She’s Samoan/Māori/Pakeha. Well, we’ve separated now. We have two kids. I got the kids. They are six and, oh seven and ten. I’m proud of them. They’re doing really good at school now. One’s an athletic. One’s a scholar, but seven and 11. I didn’t get much of what they got today, because when I was a child, I didn’t get much from my parents, but what I didn’t get, I give to my children today. They’ve got the best. They’ve got the glory. They’ve got everything that God gave me. All I can say is, if you love God, He got you.”

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