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When I last experienced anger; I guess it was at my, one of my last temporary workplaces. I was angry because I was doing all the hard work, and there was a guy there just sitting in, sitting in a machine, doing nothing, and that’s what triggered me off to be angry, because he wasn’t helping me, and I was angry and frustrated, because I was doing the work myself. That’s about it, really.

I overcome it by walking out. I gave in. I gave, I submitted to his work ethic, and just walked away from it and took a deep breath and jumped in my car and went home, and I was pretty relieved where I didn’t have to bring physical violence into, into the situation.

I need to calm down a bit more, being angry is, is like a negative sign where you become angry, or your positiveness that’s in you, within you goes out the door. Nothing seems to go to, go to plan when you’re in an angry mode.

I think there’re two types of anger where you’re angry at, at a little thing like say this nut won’t go onto the bolt, that would trigger off being angry about it, and also another aspect of being angry is when you’re angry with someone. When they’re shouting, they’re constantly shouting at you, or you know, it’s letting you down to make you a bit more angry to create this physical violence. So, more or less in a way we have to calm down in a way to control that anger, to stop us from hurting each other.

I grew up in the outskirts of South Auckland and Māngere. I stayed with my aunty and uncle when we were kids. Mum and Dad were working in East Auckland in Pakuranga. They bought a house and Mum and Dad had jobs, but they couldn’t look after me and my siblings, because we were too young to stay home. So, growing up in a bad part of town, and I’m not saying that Māngere is bad, it’s sort of, only because Mum and Dad wanted us to, when we grow up, to come back to Pakuranga, and you know, start afresh in a new suburb.

I definitely love Auckland, New Zealand. I love Aotearoa, but I’ve been living in Australia for the last 15 years, and I’ve only been home because my dad passed away. So, coming back to New Zealand, it’s opened up a lot of horizons and obstacles in my face to look at our country where there’s lots of homelessness. There’s lots of people who are depressed, and these young folk that sort of are not really getting off their backside to go out there and look for jobs, where today’s technology is all about phones, computers, where back in the day we had, we never had that. So, more or less I’m just sort of, I think New Zealand need to pull their socks up a bit more to make our country a bit more better.

Well, I’m basically looking on the computer just killing a bit of time and seeing what kind of work vacancies are out there, because I’m unemployed at the moment. I’m the type of person to like go out there and look for work, instead of, you know, being a home person. Getting out and about and meeting people like you guys, and taking the new experiences into my life, and just taking as it comes as the day goes on.”

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