Limiteti | One Tree Hill

“Yes, my name is Limiteti. I’m living in One Tree Hill. Every day, because I was working for the Wesley Homecare, working for old people, but I got my car stolen last night. That’s why I get the bus, now but I like helping people. 

I like talking to old people. They give me advice on how to save my money, because I’m no good at saving money. I spend it. I never keep it. I never get the whole of my money. I leave it in the bank to grow.

Yesterday my friend came over for lunch in my house. So that gave me a boost. We talk about it and we watched the TV3 movie, in my place, and we’re having some lunch. 

Yes, because I lost my husband three years ago, and I miss him. My friend and my mother helped me to go through with it, but now I’m back to happy now.

I came over to New Zealand. I came over for a holiday from Tonga. I was working in Tonga, and met my husband about 27 years ago, and then when we got engaged and we got married, and I take my daughter to Tonga with me, but my husband stayed at home and looked after our dog. 

Before when I miss my husband, I like to stay at home and stay alone and close my gate and stay there, and my mother come over from Tonga, and help me, and we went to Tonga for a holiday, and then when I come back, I feel free now, and happy to go back to my same life, now but I still miss my husband, and I have two children. I’ve got two daughters.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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