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“The inspiration I try to grasp onto is for me having my life before was quite good, you know, normal childhood, growing up, sport, a little bit spoilt but not too much, but then I went down a track of drug use and lost control of myself and lost confidence and stuff like that.

Every day I saw my cousin who went through that sort of struggle and all that sort of stuff, you know? Just not really giving a shit about life, and seeing him now, he’s a year and a bit clean. It’s partially one thing that I try to hold as inspiration to me to lead me positively forward.

Growing up I was young, had my mates, you know. Me and my two brown mates were the little poor bargains around Ponsonby, but we had all our rich mates, then that sort of influenced us to be as best as we can. I’ve grown up with sports. Back then I thought things were a bit easy and just, you know, take a chill pill in life. I didn’t really take life seriously till this day.

They’re as important as each individual thinks that they are, that they need inspiration. I try to inspire people every day, even though I haven’t got, or am doing the things that I suggest to them as a positive move. But I know in my mind through knowledge and through experience, how to help others more than myself. I especially like to make people laugh and yeah my cousin was a big inspiration to me, in other words

Just going through some personal waves to build up my self-esteem as well as confidence and to click into my head about the potential I do have to do a lot of things out there in the world. That’s my phase at the moment; just build myself up, find where I’m at, and bit of foundation, then from there on hopefully should float on by. So, sort my life out.

It’s just similar to everyone else. You have your moment, your times of, I suppose, that immature side of you where you always think you’re right, or you’re not always right, as well as selective hearing and laziness. Those things seem little, but they really do build a path as you leave little things too long. They do build into bigger things. That laziness grew onto me, and now I’m just struggling to build independence. So, that’s where it’s at, and that’s mainly the struggling, most struggling thing is for me right now, just trying to gain that independence back.”

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