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Probably make my bed.

Yeah, if I could change one thing, like if I could wake up tomorrow and change one thing, I would change my life. Well, a couple of months ago I was, oh probably last year, still in and out of jail, in and out of jail. I jumped on a course. It’s closed now, but it’s called the Ika Dive School, changed my life. I ended up meeting a woman there. She’s now my partner, and she’s five months pregnant. Yeah, I’m changing for the better, and for my baby. Yeah, well step one was screw my head on. It’s on now. Step two; look after my partner. Step three should have been one; get a job. Yeah.

I was born National Women’s Refuge. That’s where my mother had me. Growing up, I didn’t really have a good life growing up. Family got into drugs. CYFS got involved, thankfully for my grandfather we didn’t go through CYFS, through the caregiver system and stuff. We, our grandfather took us in, yeah for about seven years. Then we come back down to Auckland, because we stayed up Kaitaia with my papa, and we come back down to Auckland to my aunty. She raised me and my brother for a couple of years there, until well basically me, I started playing up.

I wanted to go see where Mum was and stuff, and then yeah just started walking the streets, and then yeah, I ended up finding Mum, and then now we’re back with Mum. Yeah, stuffed-up; should have just stayed with Aunty and Papa. Had it good with them, but nah, yeah thought it would be the one going with Mum, and seeing how life was like with her. I love my mum and everything, but nah, your life isn’t so good with her.”


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