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Would annoyance count, or would it have to be pure anger, because then, I think it’s been a while.

I like to say I’m normally pretty positive, and I think the last time I experienced anger would be a few, maybe a month or two ago. It was a really small issue and I got over it pretty quick. I just talked to some friends about it and yeah, it was cool.

Oh, well in my opinion, my mum did something pretty stupid and said something pretty stupid, and I just completely disagreed with her, and then, but yeah, we got in a small fall-out, but then we got over it, basically the very next day, yeah.

I think first we gave each other a bit of time, just slept it off for one night, and then during that night I guess I just reflected on everything. Also I just talked to some friends about it as well, and then see what they need to say, got some insight from them, and then I guess one day when me and my mum both had time we were just driving around, and we had a really good talk about it, and then just resolved everything I guess in a more chill manner. Just because I think in the heat of the moment we were both pretty loud and just spouting kind of nonsense. So, once I think we were all settled, we went on a nice lunch or whatever and just talked it out. Yeah, it was pretty chill, actually.

I came to New Zealand when I was three. So, I’ve been basically living in Auckland my whole life, and I value friendship, family, love and just fun. I think if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, and if you’re not constantly just thinking about how to develop yourself, and also just how to enjoy and cease every moment, I think there’s, I don’t know. You just got to do that, I guess, yeah.

I’m a university student at Auckland, and I study engineering. I really like Auckland, how it has just everything, like nice access to the beaches, nice scenery to the mountains, and it’s where I live and where all my friends are, and I think that’s what’s important. Where your friends and family are; that’s I guess what you call home.”

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