Kaihia | Auckland 

**This story talks about domestic and sexual violence**

“It would have been like, two months ago. I was working but then I had kids at an early age, and that’s why I left. This person would have been my ex-partner, would have been two months ago, but he’s totally different towards how I am personality-wise.

In terms of anger. He wasn’t happy, and domestic violence. It made me a little bit stronger, because I held everything in, like pain, hurtness. But I felt like I let my kids down.

Well, I was sexually raped from him. I’ve been abused, just physically being abused, and in front of my kids. Wherever I go, he would always hunt me down, but basically I fear pain, being hurt, but it made me a bit stronger, now that he’s not around. 

Mostly my family were around but I never told them, because I just felt like every time I would try talk to family or friends, they would always talk over me. So, I just held everything in me, so not really.  

What’s important to me is my kids. I want them to have a better life than I did, through childhood, because I didn’t have a better upcoming when I was younger, and I miss working. I grew up in Rotorua. My mum’s from Rotorua, and my dad’s from up North. I’ve been brought up on my mum’s side, so I’ve been mostly brought up in New Zealand, Auckland but I’m from Rotorua, and my dad’s from up North. Kaikohe ways.

I want the best future for them. I don’t want them to be like their dads, like how we’ve been brought up in life. I want them to graduate school, I want a better life for them, like normal kids.”


If you or someone you know needs help:

For help with family violence – It’s not OK: free call 0800 456 450 www.areyouok.org.nz/i-need-help/

For help with sexual harm – Safe to Talk: free call 0800 044 334 or text 4334 to connect with a trained specialist www.safetotalk.nz/

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