Justina | Te Atatū Peninsula

My parents were always really active and got out on the water lots, and we spent lots of time at beaches when I was growing up, and I think it probably inspired me to do lots of really outdoorsy things, and I’m trying to do the same with my little girl.

So, we go sailing, and we spend lots of time at the beach and paddle-boarding and yeah, hoping that they can have the same sort of experience that I had when I was being brought up.

I think growing up we spent a lot of time sailing, so just going sailing with my whole family on a yacht was, is probably my most treasured memories, from childhood.

I was born in Nelson, in the South Island, and I was raised in Cockle Bay in East Auckland. I had quite a big family. I’m one of four kids, and we always had something going, going on, and lots of activities and lots of family time, which was really important to us.

I think probably my husband probably had a really similar upbringing to what I did. So I guess it makes it a little bit easier in that way, but he is from a different culture than what I am, and so that’s nice to have a little bit of influence. His mother is from Goa, so it’s nice to have a bit of influence with food and cooking in that sense. So, that’s something that’s different from when I was growing up, and these guys are, my kids are getting that experience. I think maybe I’m a little more careful around, I think my parent just kind of let us free, and let us do what we wanted, but the world’s a bit more of a dangerous place now, and so we’re a bit more careful about what we’re letting them do.”

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