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“I’m John and I call the North Shore home. This is where I was born and raised. So, right here in Glenfield.  I’m not opposed to sharing a meal with anybody under certain criteria, but if you’re asking for a celebrity or someone well-known, it would have to be Helen Clark.

Other than that, I once met a guy who could write with both his hands. He could do his signature upside-down and backwards, with both his left and right hand. But if you’re asking for someone well-known, it would definitely be Helen Clark, because in our National Anthem it says to guard Pacific’s triple star – you know how the anthem goes. I don’t like the emblem, but that’s what it says, and when 911 occurred, and all these nations wanted to go to war with Al-Qaeda, they approached her, and they asked her to go to war with them, and she said, no. She declined. She said we’ll do the peace-keeping. After you guys make a mess we’ll go in and clean it up. So, not only did she adhere to the National Anthem of New Zealand, she in fact protected all of New Zealand and all the Polynesian triangle, according to that National Anthem. She kept the peace, and if the media had been true about the assignation threats that were made toward her, I would have gone and taken a bullet for her. But thankfully, those were just media rumours, which is just pathetic, and weren’t actually true. They were just fallacies, just being spread around. So, I would have taken a bullet for her, because she pretty much, in neglecting war against Al-Qaeda, took a bullet for all of us, and I wasn’t even in the country when she did that. I was living in Australia, and if you knew about that 911 attack, John Howard agreed to go to war, in a fight that wasn’t even his. So did England. They wanted to go to war in a fight that wasn’t theirs. So it’s all Biblically-related. You can retrace those events or those choices that those two countries made to go to war for a fight that wasn’t theirs. John Key did the same thing. He wanted to lead New Zealand into a battle, but he didn’t want to fight from the front-line. He wanted to dictate from the back. That’s all Biblically-related. I can do that. I can relate it to the Bible, which you know, Helen Clark’s, I guess her culture, her genealogy brought her to New Zealand and in mind, she stood up for us. She treats us equally. She has done so, for a lot of years. You know, she treats all of us indigenous equally. 

So, I call her a real Caucasian, and someone of high magnitude, high esteem, and so I wasn’t surprised that the UN, brought her in to represent them, for our region of the world. Even when the country voted her out, even when the country persecuted her based on her looks, based on her choice of sexuality, based on everything they could tear her down about. That didn’t represent the real Helen Clark to me. Someone of real integrity. Someone of equality, and someone of real humanity. Someone who looks out for the decent and the innocent in societies. Not just here in New Zealand. You hear her doing all the charity work overseas. She’s crying out for people to stand up for the child brides overseas. That’s a big thing to me. I take that to heart. Not just because Helen Clark mentioned it. I was thinking about it long before she mentioned it. There’s one thing I don’t like and that’s child brides. The one thing that kills me the most is acid attacks on women over in the Indo-region. Now, I’m not having a go at the Indo-region, but I don’t like child brides being bullied, being intimidated, being abused. They’re just children. They need the time to grow, to learn, just like Helen Clark believes and that’s why I’d have her at my table. I wouldn’t have her at my table to spread my opinion on her. I wouldn’t have her at my table to get all this off my chest to her. I’d just have her at my table to feed her and say, hi I’m John.

The things I value the most is equality, right across the spectrum. Equality in all things. I value justice for all victims, and especially for rape victims. I don’t condone rape. As I mentioned to you earlier, I lived in Australia when Helen Clark was the PM of New Zealand, so that was under the John Howard regime and campaign, and I returned to New Zealand because there are a lot of gang rapes in the area that I lived in. 

So I went into education and actually ended up walking down a few other paths, and so now, I’d like to un-corrupt New Zealand through a political movement, especially with the law.I’m a tour guide by trade. I ended up taking the tour guiding route, and I fell into it. I didn’t pursue it. I was invited to be a tour guide, but I specialise in history. Not just the history of New Zealand. Not just the history of my own culture. The history of the world, and the effect that it had on the evolution of mankind, from the beginning, and the evolution of, of the indigenous race. So, that’s all Biblically-related. So, I stand for those two things where if you’re going to teach, if you’re going to each anybody, be it the youth or any adult, the history of mankind, the history of my culture, the history of the Pacific, the history of the indigenious race, it should include the history of every other culture in the world. They’re all intertwined, and if you can’t, then you’re just jive-talking. You’re just, you’re just telling people what your theories are. Doesn’t mean they’re actually true. 

One more thing I want to mention is Mike King. I think he’s come a long way since being voted the New Zealander of the Year in 2018. I’d share a meal with him, just as I’d share a meal with Andrew Judd. The reason I mentioned Andrew Judd, is because just like Helen Clark, to me he’s a real Caucasian. He stands up for equality right across the board, and Jim Bolger is not far behind it, as well. Andrew Judd, he said he’s a recovering addict, a recovering racist. For him to have the humility to stand in front of a camera, and mediate that to the world, mediate that to the public, it takes real humanity. That’s a real character of humanity, right there. So, I hold Andrew Judd, also in high esteem, and revere him highly, just like I do Helen Clark. So, would I have Andrew Judd at my table to eat with, as well?  Definitely. Not to get my point across to them. Just to feed them as equals, because I stand up for equality. Equality of gender. Equality of justice. Equality of rights, or humanity, but the thing is most of all, is I stand against rape, I stand against child rights, and I stand against acid attacks on women, especially over in the Indo-region. 

The whole plan that I made when I was a youth or in my teens, was to become a Police Officer and a detective. When I returned from Australia, there were three detectives in the New Zealand Police Force, who were discharged without conviction for gang rape. When I heard that, the guy that I made a plan with to join the Police Force with, he came to me and said, now that you’re back from Australia, time to come into the Police Force. I said to him, mate if I want to work with rapists, I’d go join a gang. I don’t wear the same uniform as rapists. On top of that, they discharged the guys without a conviction. So, if a civilian who does rape, or commits rape can be charged with a conviction, then tell me why anybody wearing a badge or upholding an oath to protect New Zealand is except that same law. That, to me, doesn’t fit with my Biblical scripture. Doesn’t fit with, with ah, me at all. So, that’s what I stand up for. Justice right across the board. Leviticus 24:22 says, one manner of law for all. So, when I see police officers breaking the law, I’m totally against it, and that’s why I didn’t join the Police Force. I’m a person who stands up for truth and equality, but I hate rape. So, hopefully, the guy that I was going to join the Police Force with understands now why I didn’t join, especially now that he has two daughters, because I’ll stand up for his daughters the same way he would. I still love all my friends, even though, you know I, I draw a hard line for equality, and we may not be that close, because I, I act on tough love, as well as gentle love. To me, love is still loved. Doesn’t mean I stop caring about all those guys. I know a good man when I, when I befriend him. I’ll hold onto that, that view for life.

So, that’s who I am. That’s what I’m about, and as for history, if you can’t teach our youth, who I’ve actually interviewed, who I’ve actually approached, who I’ve actually surveyed about what they truly want in education, and I’ll let everybody know right now, what our youth want to know, especially in the indigenous culture, is where their actual homeland is. Some call it Hawaiki. Some call it Avaiki. If you can’t teach where that actual location is, how can you teach our youth and enlighten them?  That’s a gift that I believe I have. That’s what I believe I can do, is teach our youth where their actual homeland is. Not just Māori youth. All the indigenous of the Pacific, of the Oceania oceans regions, of the Indo-regions and all the Northern Hemisphere indigenous. I can teach them where Hawaiki is. Earlier this year when I approached the Ministry of Education in New Zealand, I spoke to a man and I asked him for a license to be able to issue a degree of my knowledge to anybody who’s interested in learning the history of mankind, including that location of Hawaiki through theology, through chronological timelines, through geography, through academic studies, and through culture, but not only that, through that, through the Navy. Through, through documentaries. Through media, and um, you now, hopefully with this, with this interview I can get the opportunity to do that. Unfortunately, denied me, claiming that the Government rules are a degree has to be studied for 3600 hours. Here’s my challenge to you, if you don’t know the ah, the knowledge that I know, who are you to dictate how many hours somebody should study for, to retrieve and receive my knowledge, that they’re entitled to?  That should be up to me to dictate, how long a student studies for. If a student studies, studies my knowledge in five hours, and relays back to me that knowledge, to me, I should be able to grant them a degree, especially since nobody else knows where the actual location of my culture comes from. Oh, where the actual location of my culture’s homeland is. So, that’s what I’m about. That’s what I’m standing up for. Now, I’d also like to stand up for a political movement to in-corrupt New Zealand, and um, and really get behind this movement and support it 100 percent, but yeah, ah Helen Clark’s more than welcome to eat at my table anytime.”

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