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I usually don’t get angry, but yes when I do, I can’t control myself, yeah. It’s just, it’s that I can, I tolerate things as far as I can control myself from getting angry, but when the things are out of my control then, and on top of that if I cannot, you know, relieve myself from anger, I just start crying, because I can’t do anything about it.

That’s how I lose, you know, that feeling of getting angry on anyone, by just, just by crying, yeah.

Actually I don’t usually get angry. I have a lot, quite a lot of a tolerance level. I don’t think much about it, because that’s it. I just don’t think much about being angry on anyone. That’s all. So, that’s not a big problem for me.

Actually people get angry just because they can’t, you know, they can’t get over the problem. In my opinion I think, people should actually calm down in such situations whenever they face that, that kind of condition where they cannot do anything about them, about the situation which they are facing. Yeah they should calm down and just give a little thought of not getting angry, and you know, coming up with a solution without getting angrier on anyone, yeah.

I am from India, and what value for me, for my life? It’s, I actually value everyone in my life, whoever is in my, whoever is part of my life. That’s all.”

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