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“Well, I do share the Gospel. So, I come across quite a few different people to myself. 

When I’m out sharing the Gospel, I meet a lot of different people, especially those who have many differences to myself, like religious beliefs. When I’m sharing the Gospel I really like hearing how some people’s views are really different to my own, and it makes me have a more open mind, about what I know is not what everything appears to be. There is always something different to learn, especially with the universe being so huge. You can imagine what’s out there, and we’re still learning about things. 

I’m originally from the Cook Islands. I grew up here in New Zealand, in Māngere, and what I mostly value is my family, and I grew up in a very hard-working family. So, I came to value respect a lot. 

I think it’s really important, actually. Living in a world with different types of people, and their backgrounds, you have to have an open mind about things, especially when you are interacting with people, and especially when you share the same space as people. At least, it’s good to have an understanding about others backgrounds, too.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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