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“I’d like to actually change my accommodation. I moved in to the area because my children were at school, and they’re all grown up and left home.

I grew up in Auckland. I’m a city girl, but I was born in Taupo, and my values are to be eco-friendly. You know? The environment we live, like waste and recycling, and I like nature, would like to see more.

At the moment I’m in between jobs. Well, it’s transitional period. It can be quite hard. You need to find your place in the community again, as a single person. They just grew up and they went to work, three of my children actually have children, so there’s one single. Three of them have grown up and they’ve got children now. They’ll stay home until they have their babies, and then they leave. Two of them are overseas, so it’s sort of like now they’ve grown up, I just feel that’s what I want to do. It’s really hard to find your place after you’ve brought up kids for many years.

I did do teacher aiding and I have done veterinary experience, and butchery. So there are things I can do, but it’s quite difficult to actually find a job at my age, because I’m 50 now. At the moment I was just thinking of actually starting a website, and I’m trying to join a community group for Waitakere, and I’ve got family out here… I find everything really great. I haven’t done it yet, but I am trying to actually find my place in the community.”

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