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Nothing really. I’m, I’m very happy. Quite happy, actually. I have families that love me, friends, church members. I don’t know. Like, everything’s good right now. Yeah. That’s, that’s really nice.

It’s all my own business. I’ve got this; it’s like a second-hand job or something. It’s an online business that, that actually really works for, and I recommend it for everyone out there. Please go check it out, SFI. You can download the app or you know, just go through, have a little read, and you know, you understand. You can find me there. It’s just like another second income for you, it will take you awhile, but you will get it. Just go check it out.

I’ve got personal stuff going on and I, I think I’m okay. You know, it’s no problem. Everything’s fine. You know? It’s nothing serious, but my, my partner is pregnant. We haven’t had the scan yet, and so it makes me so excited, and all that, and we haven’t told the rest of the families. So, yeah that’s, that’s what I mean, like personal you know, because we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, and I didn’t want to out it yet to everyone out there.

You need to have a relationship with God, man. You need to go to church. Think positive, and you know, avoid negative things, or negative people. There’s certain types of people in your life that, I know you know, you all feel sorry for them, but you have to eliminate it, you know, to keep you yourself, in a position you want to be in right now, and this stage of life I guess, growing up.

I’m originally from Samoa, but came here about five years ago, and stayed ever since. I grew up in a church, and raised in a church. It’s called the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, or LDS, for short, and there is a college for everyone, from kindy to Year 1, all the way up to Year 13, which is the senior year, and then you get to graduate, you know. Then you get a diploma or certificate, and then you go out, do whatever you want, like start working, or more study, or you know, go around the world, like most of the other kids over there. When they graduate, they immediately go overseas and you know, just for a better life, and for more education.”

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