Filipo | Henderson

“Everywhere I go, I go alone, by myself.

I’m in a community. I like to come and get involved with all the people. I used to go to school in Henderson. I used to go to intermediate and a high school, but I was born in Apia. That’s the important thing in your life, is your family, and who you love, who raised you, you know? Who raised me here, in the world, is Mum and Dad.

Lonely, alone is like, that’s not hard. You can just go on by yourself. And I’d rather be like that, because I’ve got friends everywhere and they all do drugs, alcohol. That’s all they do. So that’s why I go away by myself and be lonely, so I can stay well away from trouble. It’s sort of like an escape for me. Being lonely by yourself is hard for someone – it’s hard because you’re alone by yourself and it’s hard. You need someone to hang around with, be with, talk to.

I grew up on the streets. I used to live on the streets for years. Here in Henderson. So, it’s just like I was born here. Yeah, I’ve always been like that. Lonely by myself. This is hard. I know what it’s like being lonely. I stay with my mates. I’m just going to catch the bus and go to Pak’nSave, buying me some food, and then go back home, but I’m just hanging around here.

I’ve been in prison. Every year I always go to prison. So that’s why it changed me, you know? That’s why I’m changed; because I’ve been in prison for years, like three years, four years, every year always go to prison.

You have to do something in your life. Can’t do something in your life, do it for the people who love you, the people who care for you. That’s who you do it for. My family. They go to work every day, my family, they love me, man. Yeah, they love me. Yeah, I just tell them I love them.”

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