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Yeah. Anger; the last time I experienced anger? Okay, it’s at home, when oh I don’t know. Anger. When I went home and I was in my room, I went to look for my things, and my little sister took it, and I got ultra-angry, yeah.

I waited for her to come back from school so I could ask her, and yeah get my stuff back. Patience. Yeah, patience.

My advice is that if you are ever angry; think of it as in yourself. My advice is that, take control of your anger, your anger can actually affect so many people, not just the one you’re angry at, but so many around you. Your anger is one of the emotions that cause so many things in our generation, like suicide and other things like that.

In this generation, I have a lot of friends that, not just friends but people that I know of that committed suicide because of anger issues, like family, homes, friends.

Well, I’m Samoan. I grew up in Ōtara, Auckland in a good family. I guess one way I could explain myself is that, I mean to talk myself up, is having a heart for people. I’m a Christian and I like to share my testimony as a part of who I am. Yeah, that’s all.”

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