Ezekiela | Manurewa

“My name is Ezekiela, Auckland is my home, Manurewa. All depends. All depends what advice I need. Sometimes I go to the library. I learn about things. Go on the computer and things like that.

Just you know, family and friends, yeah. Family and friends. They’re the ones that gives me the boost and motivates me to do things. Children. Just encouragement and things like that. So, I don’t get, what you call it? Side-tracked into doing other things that go astray from what other people are going to do, and what I want to do. 

Family, that’s what I value in life. Family, children. A lot of things I do value. It’s not so much worldly things. Just simple things.

I grew up here in Auckland. When I was young, I grew up in and around Ponsonby. Then when I got a bit older, I moved out of Ponsonby, to Mt Eden. I was still young at the time, and living with my grandparents, and so we moved from Mt Eden to Mangere, so I was living in Mangere for some years when I was young, till I had to move out and look for work. But I’ve been raised up in Auckland.

It’s important because you know, without a family we’re going to be lost. So, family and friends, it’s important. Why it’s important is because through my upbringing I was pretty much lucky raised by grandparent and they left me a legacy of where I’m from, and how they raised me up. So, that is something they have been teaching me and raising me up, how I became the way I am and the things I’ve been learning through them. But they have passed on. My grandparents are both passed on, and I just, I still have memories about them but they played an important part of my life, when I was really young.”

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