Eleanor | Manurewa

“My name’s Eleanor. I live in Manurewa. Yeah, Bruno Mars! Because he’s really cool, and I like his songs. He’s very funny, and I like his personality. Yeah, that’s it. 

I grew up with my parents. They were together for 17 years, but then the split apart, so now she goes out with a lady. I had a good childhood, I guess. I have a brother, Desmond. He’s turning 17 this year, in December. I have a step-brother to my dad. His name’s Joaquin.

Singing. I like to sing. It’s very nice because you can learn different chords. Like, you can hit high notes, and low notes, and it’s very good to learn, like a skill

Well, I want to be a policewoman, because they help the community, and they involve a lot of skills. So, I think that’s what I want to do in the future, help people.

(Singing) Tiaho mai rā

Te whetu o te ata

Kopu i te ao,

Pareārau i te pō

Kia tu te ao marama

he ao hara

Tu mai rā koe hei tohu i ahau,

Tu mai rā koe hei tohu i ahau,

That’s it.”

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